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Content is at the very core of a website's marketing strategy. Content is at center of all the site related action. Sales, conversion, conversation, advertisement revenue, search engine rankings and most important, web traffic; but, are we talking about the site content for content marketing purposes?

Content marketing is also called Syndication marketing because the consumer can subscribe to the content that he or she chooses. They can select the content that they are interested in and it never feels forced on them.

Content formats such as Articles, Videos, Slides / Presentations, Podcasts (Audio / Video), Press Releases, Blogs, and RSS feeds utilize the most appropriate channel of distribution from where the viewers can view them at their will. Every format in the above list has its own advantages and disadvantages MASSMEDIUMS has the expertise and experience to plan your content marketing campaign. We have an in-depth understanding of the nuances and drawbacks of each type of content and which content is suited for what type of site and industry.

Why do you need Content Marketing?

Content reflects knowledge and knowledge is equal to expertise. Every buyer wants to be in good hands and seeks the most knowledgeable service provider. The content distributed through the different content channels represents the voice of your business and functions as an advertisement. If the content is compelling and serves a common cause, then you have got some very sincere listeners who are going to give your business a chance. The traffic from the content marketing effort is more targeted and the conversion rate is much more because your content has already awakened their curiosity. If you have a smart product or service, the sale is as good as yours.

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